A simple PHP webcomic site

6 Jul 2018 by Cal

My friend Alex posted recently on mastodon that they wanted to update their comics sites to add a “news” post underneath each page, and asked if anyone wanted to take a stab at the PHP for it.

So, I, having Copious Free Time[1], immediately volunteered to do this very trivial task. Which quickly turned into “redo the entire thing virtually from scratch so that it sucks less”. Anyway, so that happened, and I now have this big piece of PHP code for a very particular kind of lightweight comics website, and I am going to share it with the universe for anyone to use! Huzzah?

Mushcode Waiter

21 Feb 2018 by Cal

The code for my waiter bot script! Written to run in TinyMUX, using the Places system. It’s designed to work with the Money System from NarniaMUSH, but that can be easily tweaked to work with any money system where you can give an object an arbitrary amount of money. It also works as-is to use as a parent object.

Players need to be sitting at a place to call over a waiter. Once the waiter comes over to a table, anyone at that table can order. Bills are on an individual basis and there is currently no way to combine or pay for another person’s bill directly.