June World-Building 2018

1 Jun 2018 by Cal

I saw the World-Building June prompt list thing floating around last month and was extremely dissatisfied with the list of questions, so I decided I would write my own. It’s a little late getting up, but… well, here we are!

Rather than trying to have a haphazard but encompassing list of questions about Basically Everything, I took advantage of the month of June being 30 days and divided it into three general categories, with ten questions/days per category. The questions themselves, I tried to make both specific and broad - the kind of questions you can answer with just a brief sentence, or that you can expound upon in detail.

Now, before you start actually answering the questions, consider the purpose of the world-building. Is it just for fun, or is it for developing the setting of a story? The scope of your purpose will help limit and direct your answers to the questions.