New Site! Cooking Without Spoons

10 Nov 2018 by Cal

Just a quick heads up if you’re following here and not my mastodon account! I recently launched a new blog, Cooking Without Spoons. It’s a cooking blog, as might be obvious from the title, but the focus is on simple, delicious recipes that have minimal prep work and perishable ingredients. The primary intended audience is people with various mental health conditions, with an especial focus on executive dysfunction.

New Game! The Herbal Spice Problem

1 Nov 2018 by Cal

The Herbal Spice Problem

Dying for a cup of tea

Play the game!

Long time no post, I know. This one’s mostly an announcement thingie! Last week (was it last week? oh gosh) I published a new PICO-8 game, The Herbal Spice Problem, which I made in conjunction with fluffy.

The teal-deer: The game is a puzzle game masquerading as a parody survival platformer. You’ve crash-landed on an alien planet and you really, really need a cup of tea. Explore the randomly-generated maps to find plants to brew, before time runs out.