9 Mar, ’21

Thinking about blogging obstacles

by Cal

I had another realization last night about some of the difficulties I've had with maintaining a blog. This one is, I have a tendency to expect myself to write a blog post as more like an essay than, say, a journal entry. Which these really are, they're more like journal entries.

What I mean is, I'd set up this expectation that in order to write a blog post about it, I had to have a point that I was making. There had to be some sort of ultimate conclusion that the post was leading up to. You know, like a good essay would have. It wasn't enough to just have a thought or some musings on a subject that I wanted to share, although that's the kind of thing I would post on microblogging social media all the time.

Anyway, that is the kind of thing I would post all the time, which is how I realized I was sort of "not allowing" myself to do something that inconclusive as a blog post, because what I'm trying to do is write up all those little introspective rants and rambles as, you know, blog posts. Instead of a thread on fedi or whatever. So that's two obstacles identified and eliminated so far; let's see how many others I run into lol