10 Mar, ’21

Back on my weather bullshit

by Cal

I was sort of musing about what sort of text content I should focus on adding to PixelPets next and thinking about how probably the next best step would be to add some more weather messages, probably temperature ranges first and then severity, and then of course my mind wandered into the mechanics of the weather system instead because That's How I Roll.

So right now, the weather system is extremely bare-bones simple, and I did it this way on purpose because my ideology with PixelPets has been to start with the absolute simplest minimum implementations of things, and then once I have all my planned features implemented at that baseline minimum, I can go back in and start playing with adding complexity and nuance to things. (It's been working fantastically well at keeping my goals manageable, too; I'd say it's a complete success as a personal productivity tactic.) So the weather is two numbers between 0 and 10, Severity and Temperature, and every hour both numbers have a chance to change. Then, the general environmental messages critters can have are selected based on being within 2 points of either the current severity or the current temperature. (I'm going to make it within 1 point eventually so the weather feels more consistent, but I started it off at 2 points so I could cover the full range of severity with fewer messages.)

...Anyway! So what I was thinking is, what if instead of simply doing a single weather value, I recorded weather values for each tile on the whole map. And then I could generate a weather change on each shift based on the adjacent tiles so that it can have fronts and stuff and the weather in any one area of the map would tend to be the same or at least similar. And then I could even have a weather map!!