16 Dec, ’21

I.D. revision plans

by Cal

I went through and counted all of my scene documents today. If I finish consistency/transition editing for one document every day (an optimistic count, but I'm feeling like being optimistic) then I'll have gotten through the whole draft by the end of January.

Of course, some of these scenes need a whole lot more work than others, lol. There's a whole section which I need to almost entirely rewrite - not from scratch, per se, but most of the as-written characters no longer exist and there are entirely different characters involved, and some scenes are now taking place at a completely different time in the story so I have to change references to "recent events" to match.

Other scenes, on the other hand, I don't expect to need more than a few tweaks here and there. Notably, the entire Solstice party is pretty solid as it is, it just needs some detail work added to better support one of the plot lines and fill in setting details. Like the part where I'm supposed to describe what food is available. ahem.

Since for this phase I definitely have to work from the beginning and go through it in order, I think I should be able to have enough of it to send it over to B for a more detailed reading than her last pass by February 1st. It'd be nice if it was the whole thing but let's not set our goals too high here lol but if I'm far enough along by the first I might see if I can just do all of it by Valentine's day instead.