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7 May, ’21

The Planet is down

by Cal
I know the Planet server is down and I am working on it.

13 Apr, ’21

Discword MUD is possibly the best MUD I've ever played

by Cal
I know it's only been a few days BUT STILL

17 Mar, ’21

Evennia social hangout system

by Cal
I've been working on one

15 Mar, ’21

It's only a flesh wound

by Cal
Did you know that Depression is Garbage

14 Mar, ’21

GChat Logs, Or: Why Google Sucks

by Cal
A long rant about bad data structure decisions.

11 Mar, ’21

The Great Unfollowing, Week 3 (and change)

by Cal
It's been about three weeks since I unfollowed everyone on social media.

10 Mar, ’21

Back on my weather bullshit

by Cal
Okay so what if I actually put WEATHER weather into the game

9 Mar, ’21

Thinking about blogging obstacles

by Cal
Trying to post more on here is making me really think about what all the various hang-ups I put in my way of blogging are.

8 Mar, ’21

The Battle Against Perfectionism

by Cal

4 Mar, ’21

Reusing your own stories

by Cal
an ongoing internal crisis about authorial ethics
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