The Fate System a.k.a. Cooperative Storytelling
06 Apr '20 in Sion

It's pretty common knowledge by now that I love Fate. (well, maybe not that I love Fate; people seem to have slotted "enthusiasm" in as Cal's purview lmao.) imo it's the Best Game System Ever, and the reasons why it's the best can be boiled down to one core reason: it's all about telling a story where your characters get to be awesome.

So I had this idea
01 Apr '20 in Sion

Over on fedi earlier we were having a convo (as you do) and tossing around favorite game genre concepts and I had the BRILLIANT idea: what if you had a rhythm game, but the game was about growing and crossbreeding flowers? I mean it was a joke at first but then I realized omfg it is fucking brilliant and I want that game?!?! Making a rhythm game is extremely hard, though, so I figured, well, at least I can play around with ideas about how this game might work, if it ever existed.